ПечатьEmployees First

DRD is a name for the people behind it. Propelled by its people, from diverse backgrounds and varied skill sets, we work harmoniously as the DRD family. We care for our most valuable treasure chest – our employees.


We promote innate talents sincerely. We appreciate talents and skill sets not just verbally but though deserving remuneration because we don’t like dissatisfied faces. Here at DRD, we like to see blooming faces like happy smileys.

Health and safety

We care about our people. We know that without our personnel, DRD is just like an unmanned island. Our people’s health and safety is well taken care of. We have all safety measures built in-house and travel along times of ill-health as a trusted partner, lending a helping hand to our people.

Equal Opportunities

We know that God has created all of us with a purpose. For us, each and every person who works for us has a divine spark that takes us to heights and our goals. What we look for are dedicated hard work and out-of –the box ideas. We give equal opportunities to the physically challenged in DRD and provide a fertile soil for them to grow personally and professionally.

Not gender-biased

DRD doesn’t care about gender. We envisage development. We strive to serve our vast clientele without any flaw or delay. We have an eagle eye for perfection and sheer talent. Our people are a perfect mix of men and women. We salute our people’s individuality, confidence and optimism that get us way too far.