DRDDRD Communications is a UK based telephony giant with a technology soul for the last 26 years. Fueled by a transformative business model, proprietary technology unique collaborative intellect of some of the smartest people on earth, we’re in a position to challenge telecommunications systems and rewrite old rules. By giving people access to smarter ways of communication though our  Platform,

we’re changing real life experiences.

The development was kick-started before 10 years. This battle-tested and market-proven product is evolving through ongoing-research and development aiming at more perfect and innovative services.



DRD INDIA is the only off-shore development centre of this telecommunications giant. With all the innovational and developmental activities of our  Platform taking place in DRD INDIA, we are engineered with the most competent and skilled personnel onboard.
VanillaIP is a leading provider of business grade, real-time integrated communications solutions to the UK reseller channel from DRD. Our unique balance of innovative services, managed billing and provisioning and simplified deployment can help you win customers quickly and keep them long term.


Qudo is another reseller brand from DRD which is a hosted VoIP telephony system and application suite delivered over fixed data circuits, bypassing the customer need for on-site system ownership.